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Hot Band Boys, March 2014: Interview with Matt Cardle
March 2014: Interview with Matt Cardle


By Lauren Cirkot

We had the wonderful chance to talk with Matt Cardle, winner of UK X-Factor 2010 (same year as One Direction). Here’s what he had to say about his latest endeavors, including the release of his album Porcelain. 


Your single “Loving You,” features Melanie C, successful music artist and Spice Girl. Describe what it was like to work with Melanie. 

It was absolutely amazing to work with Melanie, such an honour. She is one of my favourite people in my world. Her voice is incredible and I’ve had so much respect for her work for such a long time. She’s such a talented writer and performer and we just clicked. I’m a very lucky man!

You did some producing on this song, how long did it take for the whole song to come together?

The song had been knocking around for a long time. I actually began writing it during the recording of my second album almost two years ago. I then saw Melanie at the Isle of Wight festival last year and the song came into my head asa possible duet. After meeting her I thought it would work brilliantly with her if she agreed. I made a rough demo of the song using a female vocalist and sent it to Mel. The rest, as they say, is history.

Can you share with us any funny or interested behind-the-scenes moments from either working with Melanie or working on the video?

I had done a lot of on-set kissing in a previous video. The actress that I was working with suggested we started kissing before the shoot so that we could get used to each others kissing style and although I was taken back at first, it really helped to make things seems as natural as possible. On the day of the video shoot for Loving You I suggested the same thing to Mel in my dressing room before we started shooting the kissing scene. We ended up giggling like a couple of teenagers, but it really worked as I’m sure you can tell in the video!

Who else would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I’ve always said for years and years that I’d love to work with Chris Martin. He’s in from one of the biggest and best bands in the world so I’ll keep dreaming and hopefully one day it will come true :-) 

The single “Loving You” is off your latest album Porcelain. What song are you most proud of?

I loved working with JC Chasez and Jimmy Harris on the track ‘ When You Were My Girl’. Co-writing ‘Not Over You’ with the legendary Brian McKnight was a huge highlight for me. However, my personal favourite on the album has to be ‘In Chains’ because it was so much fun to record and produce. Elements of my rock beginnings are evident in this song and I’m looking forward to performing it on my UK tour in April for the first time.

Many artists and bands will go through television competitions to get discovered, why was The X-Factor the one for you?

To be honest I didn’t put myself up for it. A friend sent in a video of my singing to the online audition without me knowing and I got a call asking me to audition in front on the judges out of the blue.

What advice would you give to artists or bands looking to go the television route?

Just be yourself. Enjoy it. Stay true to yourself artistically where possible and just cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Over at Hot Band Boys, we think Tattoos Are Hot, we even have a tank top for sale that says this; Could you pick one of your tattoos and explain the meaning?

I have the chorus from the Leonard Cohen song ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’ on my forearm. It was the last thing me and my Uncle watched on TV before he passed away. Whenever I look at this it reminds me of happy memories with him.

What can we expect from you in 2014?

I’m just gearing up for a month-long tour of the UK and Ireland throughout April. I love touring and connecting with the audience and seeing what songs from the album have connected the most. There will be a couple more single releases. Plus, I’d really love to come and visit the US to do a few live shows, that would be a dream come true.

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